Ottawa Valley Case Study

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October 28, 2010



Appendix A Concept of Self and Others10

Mary Gregory was hired to replace Ella, Mary was told by R.J. Jennings that she would not be kept on after her probation period was over Karen Russell, a well respected assistant, hands R.J. Jennings a note stating that all ten assistants were in the lounge and if he did not rehire Mary Gregory they all would be voicing their complaints on CBC 6 o’clock news R.J. Jennings was up for retirement – declined because he is too busy Ella, R.J. Jennings long time assistant and friend retired

Ella went above and beyond the call of duty – she ran personal errands on her lunch for Jennings, stayed late and made herself available 24/7 Mary Gregory has a bachelor degree in administrative studies and traveled in Europe after graduation then went right to work for R.J. Jennings When requested by R.J. Jennings, Mary refused to bring his coffee and morning newspaper on her way back from her break. Her reasoning was that she was too busy, when Jennings purposefully gave her a light work load. R.J. Jennings has practiced this routine the past ten years with Ella. Mary Gregory was speaking to an important client about her weekend activities, R.J. Jennings asked her to leave and she refused. R.J. Jennings told her to leave again and she left yelling at him and slamming the door; causing Jennings and the valued client being humiliated and embarrassed. Mary Gregory refused to file a report away

R.J. Jennings feels like she is disrespecting him, and he had worked too long for a “green college kid” to treat him like that R.J. Jennings keeps comparing Mary Gregory with Ella.
R.J. Jennings has 20 minutes to decide what to do: hire Mary Gregory back or let her go before the group of executive assistants leave for Ottawa to state their concerns to C.B.C news. Issues-
* Where is the HR department?

* They hired Mary Gregory but did not follow up on her progress * R.J. Jennings did not take any documentation stating Mary Gregory’s insubordination

* Where are the job descriptions for Mr. Jennings and Mary Gregory?

* Are there any job descriptions for positions within this company? * Perhaps R.J. Jennings does not know what the actual description is, since he has had Ella for so many years

* Where are the company rules and regulation on how to deal with a complaint or insubordination?

* Are there company rules set up?
* Do the rules apply to this situation?
* Do new rules have to be made?
* Why were they not followed?

* Where are the management members that are above Jennings

* Do the higher ups know what is going on below them
* They should be informed due to the magnitude to the situation, going to the news effect the company as a whole

* Why are all the assistants behind Mary Gregory?

* Did she tell them some sob storey that makes Mr. Jennings look bad * Have the other assistants had problems with Jennings * Have they now just gotten the courage to speak out

* Why are they going to the news?

* Was there no procedure to go by to file a complaint
* Why did she not go back to HR or another manager that she felt comfortable with * Why does it seem so bad that she must go to the news * Was the news station someone else’s idea

* Mary Gregory does not seem to understand what was expected of her – did Ella train Mary Gregory before she left?

* After being there for ten years why would they let her go before training the next person

* Did Mary Gregory receive any company training

* Did Mary Gregory know...
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