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La'Shandra Garner

Title: Othello
Author: William Shakespeare
Date of Publication: 1622
Genre: Tradgey
Characteristics of Genre:

A tragedy is a play that revolves around a character who is brought to their demise by their own actions and failure. The plot usually provoke feelings of pity and fear from the audiemce. References to fate and destiny can be found throughout the play. The end usually includes the deaths of many characters. Significant Quotations:

"Were I the Moor, I would not be Iago. In following him, I follow but myself. Heaven is my judge, not I for love and duty, but seeming so, for my peculiar end; for when my outward action doth demonstrate the native act and figure of my heart in complement extern, 'is not long after but I will my heart upon my sleeve for dawn to peck at; I am not what I am." (I. i. 54-62)

"My noble father, I do perceive here a divided duty. To you I am bound for life and education; my life and education both do learn me how to respect you. You are the Lord of duty, I am hitherto your daughter. But here's my husband, and so much duty as my mother showed to you, preferring you before her father, so much I challenge that i may profess due to the Moor my lord." (I. iii. 178-187)

"O, beware, my lord of jealousy! It is the green-eyed monster, which doth mock the meat it feeds on." (III. iii. 165-167)

"Then must you speak of one that loved not wisely but too well, of one not easily jealous but, being wrought, perplexed in the extreme; of one whose hand, like the base Indian, threw a pearl away richer than all his tribe; of one whose subdued eyes, albeit unused to the melting mood, drops tears as fast as the Arabian trees their med'cinable gum. Set you down this, and say besides that in Aleppo once, where a malignant and a turbaned Turk beat a Venetian and traduced the state, I took by th’ throat the circumcised dog and smote him thus." (V. ii. 339-352) This quote is...
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