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The focus of the play Othello is not so much Othello’s flaws and weaknesses but more Iago’s villainy.

A thorough analysis of the play Othello tends to reveal that the focus of the play is actually about Othello’s flaws and weaknesses rather than Iago’s villainy. This conclusion has been reached due to the fact that many elements of drama as well as a characteristic of Shakespearean tragedy are centered on Othello and his imperfections. In essence, the conflict and thematic concerns which Shakespeare addresses, surround Othello’s flaws, whereas his downfall as the protagonist fulfills the requirements of a Shakespearean tragedy. Despite this, Iago has undoubtedly contributed to the play with his masterful manipulation as a Machiavellian villain. In solidifying this theory, four key factors must be examined; the first three points address the fact that Othello’s flaws and weaknesses are the focus of the play through his involvement in the dramatic elements of the play. They are: his involvement in the major conflict, his involvement in the main theme and Othello having a tragic flaw. On the other hand, the final point is Iago as the foundation for the conflict. Othello’s involvement in the major conflict of the play leads us to believe that the focus of the play is more about Othello’s flaws and weaknesses rather than Iago’s villainy. The major conflict is the attempt by Othello and Desdemona to build a life together despite barriers opposing them such as age difference, race and experience and the destruction of their marriage by the envious and villainous Iago. With such a description for the major conflict, it can therefore be entitled Man versus Society. Othello would be the man in this title meanwhile age difference, race and experience encompass society in the title. Just the fact alone that Othello is the only character acknowledged in this title shows his importance and already points us in the direction that the focus is on his...
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