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Topics: Sexual orientation, Bisexuality, Non-profit organization Pages: 1 (521 words) Published: April 16, 2014
Organizational Problem Assignment
Yuchen Liu
Organization Name: Gay Courageous
Frequently Asked Questions about Gay Courageous
What is Gay Courageous of Iowa City?
Gay Courageous is a nonprofit organization to help gay and lesbians to stand out to face their true sexual orientation. We provide free counseling service to help gay people with their any kind of gay problem, we also help gay people to fight with their own right and take care of their psycho problems. We also help teenagers deal with their gay problems. Is Gay Courageous a nonprofit?

Yes. This organization is nonprofit and classified as a 501(c)(3) organization. Who can attend Gay Courageous?
Anyone who is gay, not sure is gay, gay’s family member, or who want to get to know gay people can attend to our organization for free counseling service. We also welcome any volunteer come to our organization with their any kind of help. Identify and explain a problem facing the organization. Fully explain how the problem impacts the organization's capacity to fulfill its mission. Our board members decided our organization will no longer serve with any bisexual and heterosexual people with their psycho problems any more. Without talking to the public and our volunteers, this action enraged many of our donors and volunteers, because of this action, our public relations almost broken down. Our board members decided to hold a fundraising party at Iowa City to re-announce our announcement and admit the mistake our board made, to try to get back our volunteers and public relations. Describe the situation so that the reader may understand the issue. For example: “X organization lobbied for a particular bill with legislators in Des Moines. The bill did not, however, pass, which has raised some public relations issues about X’s lobbying activities and claims that such lobbying efforts was “unethical” for a nonprofit organization. Donors and volunteers may be lost as a result of this public...
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