Organization Management Theory

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In order for the new vision statement of the company to be completely fulfilled, managers must be integrated to strengthen what Joan sees for the business. In order to do so, strategic leadership and decision-making must be done. Joan must gather all of the managers and create a set of values that the company would like to follow. These followers can be of different types according to Barbara Kellerman, who describes a typology of follow ship based on engagement levels with the leader. The followers that need to be rid of are isolates and bystanders and the ones to be kept are participants, activists, and diehards (Kellerman, 2007). After the followers determined to be needed by the business, Joan must implement a strategic way to get these followers to better the company. Joan must trust within her employees that all will be able to get the job done in order to strengthen the vision. Kanter’s Theory is one way of having this happen. Kanter’s Theory states that structural empowerment is focuses on the structures within the organization rather than individuals own qualities (Bradbury Jones, 2007). This theory states that leaders powers will grow by sharing the power through others and in result leaders will notice increased organizational performance. This is not only important to gain respect from colleagues as Joan is already viewed as the “boss’s daughter.” Joan must recognize that in order to empower her employees and business with the right tools that opportunity for advancement, access to information, access to support, access to resources, formal power, and informal power must be fully understood. After picking up a routine, it is easy to fall back to old habits. In order for this to not happen, there must be a certain way to combat this from happening, as change is risky. In order for this not to happen understanding why employees are going back to old ways must be known. Have all managers provide information for a strategy, especially for the...

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