Organic Soap Product Concept

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Positioning gap for Beauty Soap

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This is a product proposal for particularly the beauty soap industry. Here, a timely, feasible, profitably potent and environment friendly product concept has been portrayed. Any producer of beauty soap, both potential and existing can adopt and launch this product in the near future. Here is something to add more that, this product is surely worth launching in international market, but for Bangladeshi market, it would be a little futuristic one for mass marketing.

Market analysis

The beauty soap market in Bangladesh is mostly dominated by Lux, from Unilever Bangladesh, which is eventually the market leader and enjoys the majority of the market share. Among the other brands, there are Meril, Keya, Tibbet, Sandalina, Cosco, Aromatic etc. these are the very brands which are produced locally. Among the other brands of beauty soaps, Dove, Imperial Leather, Palmolive, Camay, Cinthol, Fa etc are imported. If the overall market segmentation is made from economic perspective, all the existing brands fall into two segments-

• Economic/ General Segment: Lux, Meril, Keya, Tibbet, Cosco, Aromatic.

• Premium segment: Dove, Sandalina, Imperial Leather, Palmolive, Camay, Cinthol, Fa.

There are some other brands in the industry like Lifebuoy, Detol, Savlon, who particularly claim themselves as anti-bacterial body soaps.

So far, all the beauty soaps existing till date have promised several attributes like-

- Cleansing

- Fairness

- Soft skin

- Refreshing

But there are some positions still to be claimed.

Position to claim

Assessing the current market, it is certain that there is an unclaimed position for a premium brand which can promise organic, natural and pure beauty for women of twenty first century.

The product idea

The product that fits for the positioning gap is an Organic Beauty Soap, which promotes purity of natural beauty in an environment friendly way.

• Probable names: Gaya, Eva

Target Market

Educated, beauty conscious, environment conscious women aging from 16-45 yrs who will be able and willing to afford the product, understand and evaluate the sophistication and value of pure natural beauty of womanhood.

Justification (Consumer’s perspective)

• Emotional justification:

Till date, beauty of a woman has been portrayed as fairness, extraordinarily attractive face, expensive and fashionable clothing, heavy makeup and makeovers. But this product redefines the idea of beauty. Leaving all the fake and ostentatious beauty stunts, it focuses on the pure natural beauty that expresses the legacy and sophistication of womanhood.

• Logical justification:

This is a premium product which surely identifies the consumer’s social and economic status. The intended positioning of this product portrays the elegance and luxury of its potential customers and will act as a symbol of aristocracy and sophistication. This is an organic product which singles out itself from other self proclaimed natural beauty soaps as the distinction between natural and organic products is easily identifiable. All these so-called natural products are made of several harmful chemicals from which only this product is liberated. A product listed as natural often uses synthetic preservatives and other unnatural ingredients. Natural simply means that the ingredients used have not been changed from its original state and no other substances have been added to or subtracted from it. Because a product is listed as "natural" doesn't mean that it is organic. Organic ingredients are grown without pesticides and they have to adhere to strict regulations. Finding quality organic products is the first step to living a healthy, green lifestyle that the target customers can feel good about.

Justification (Marketer’s perspective)...
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