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Managing in a Global Environment
Angel G. Queipo
Organizational Culture
What types or organizational culture (family, Eiffel tower, guided missile, incubator) would be best for leveraging global teams? The Family Culture:
A culture with the importance of having a hierarchy and orientation to the person; this culture consequence creates a family type environment, which is more power oriented person who is respected because of a parent-like relationship between the management and employees. This culture is common in countries such as Turkey, Pakistan, Venezuela, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore (Luthans & Doh, 2015, p. 184). The Family culture is the oldest of the organizational cultures when many global companies were created by families, and then went public. In today’s global market, there are more family operated companies than any other kind of company. Some companies that are not family owned have adopted this culture (Hampden-Turner, 2014). Eiffel Tower Culture:

A culture with the importance on hierarchy and orientation to task; in this particular culture, the tasks are clarified to employees and all direction comes from the top of chain of command. This culture is described as the Eiffel Tower because the top of the chain is narrow and wide at the bottom just like the Eiffel Tower. The leader or the source of power is at the top of the tower, and can be replaced at anytime not affecting the mission of the organization. This culture is common in countries in the Northwest Europe countries such as Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands (Luthans & Doh, 2015, p. 184). Guided Missile Culture:

A culture with the focus on the importance of equality in the work place and orientation to the job; in this culture, goals are completed by using the group or team efforts. This culture is guided to work at what it is best conducted by groups of people or teams (Luthans & Doh, 2015, p. 185). This organizational culture gives employees more...

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