Order and Chaos

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Order and chaos are related to and dependent on each other. The clear cut distinction between them is man made and an illusion. Society uses order to regulate all aspects of the world from nature to personal lives, while chaos allows for open mindedness and also provides an explanation for certain aspects of the world. This can be seen in science, theology, music, language, and imaginative play.

Science is rational, logical, and orderly. It has the ability to break apart complex systems into simpler ones described by theories ad equations. This is seen in the description of the planets' orbits, evolution, and Newton's laws. Scientists have a thirst for knowledge and seek understanding about the world around them. Their methods are clear and proper ,such as the popular scientific method. Yet even with all their rules and equations they have come to realize the universe is not as predictable and orderly as it seems. The weather, planets, asteroids, organisms, populations, etc. do not always follow the rules that have been assimilated as truths in society . Such an example is the extinction of the dinosaurs, which allowed humans to exist and flourish described by Alvarez. Asteroids can move in unpredictable ways and one did 65 million years ago, and it can happen today. The concept is unimaginable to most ,due to their strong faith in science that is believed to be able to predict or prevent destructive phenomenon in the world. This belief that science is a universal and infallible truth began in the enlightenment and led to modernism. The goal of modernists, synonymous at times with scientists ,is to show that order leads to better functioning and is superior to disorder. To accomplish their goal they must make discoveries that lead to greater knowledge, which they believe leads to greater order, yet they also have to categorize multiple areas and thoughts as disorderly. What is categorized as disorderly becomes an outsider ,and is a deviant from the normal and the usual. Socially this leads to injustice and prejudices. The social disorder in the United States includes African Americans, women, homosexuals, and those who do not believe democracy is the greatest form of government in existence. Modernism gives one the freedom to be godless ,and essentially makes God unnecessary. In the United States this has led to secularism which Bernard suggests is a major component of it's overall success.

Theology is used like science to impose order on chaos. It provides rules and rituals for living ones life and explanations of the universe. It gives people hope in a chaotic world and gives them guidelines they must follow to block out the chaos. Islam is failing to progress as a culture and some argue that it is their strict adherence to their religion that is causing this. Humanism and Secularism which are the essence of western tradition are very much rejected. Lewis observes secularism is foreign in the east because there is one law, the law of God. Thus, there is no separation between the divine, society, and nature. Religion controls all aspects of society ,and the individual is submissive to God. Many of the ideas of science are dismissed as being atheistic observations and assumptions. Humanism is also rejected due to the freedom it allows individuals often understood as the freedom to go against morals and God.

Theology does not conflict with science, and the marriage of the two has been advocated from leading scientists to the pope. Yet, like in science some people take religion to its extreme called fundamentalism. Fundamentalism is in its traditional meaning, Christians' strict interpretation of the bible. A fundamentalist ,much like the followers of Islam, desire their religion to apply to the world ,and do not see it as just necessary for spiritual fulfillment. Though not opposed to science ,they are strict believers in the six day creation story ,and the belief that the world is...
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