Orchestra Concert

Topics: Orchestra, Performance, Music Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: December 20, 2005
I was unable to attend either of the two symphony orchestra concerts this semester due to my busy schedule as a rugby player, however, I had attended a symphony orchestra concert last Fall semester with my girlfriend for her St. Josephs College music class at the Stony Brook University Staller Center. I was hesitant to use this experience as it was slightly over a year ago and I fear that I may have forgotten certain important details. I can still remember certain key elements from the concert and the impact it had upon myself. I have also spoken to another friend that recently attended a Stony Brook University symphony orchestra concert in order to stimulate any dormant and preconscious thoughts I may have had in my head of my own experience. I do not remember the exact date of the concert however I do remember it was one of the first really cold days of Winter. My girlfriend had told me about the concert weeks earlier but I had forgotten until she mentioned it that evening. I was strongly against going and suggested she bring a friend instead of myself but none of her friends could attend. I was certainly not looking forward to this event, especially since it wasn't even required for myself for any reason whatsoever. We arrived at the Stony Brook Staller Center extremely uncomfortable in the frigid weather. I was even more appalled when I found out that the concert would cost almost $20 for the two of us. We were seated in a rather large room and we waited with much anticipation and anxiety, I wanted the music to begin for the sole reason that the sooner it started, the sooner it would end. The audience was primarily made up of older people over the age of 55 years old. It was not what I would label: "my scene". The already large hall harbored a packed audience of 500 or so people. The audience was noisy and also seemed to be squirming with anticipation, probably for a varying reason than myself. The concert began and I was astonished as to...

Bibliography: Stony Brook University Staller Center Orchestra Concert - Fall 2004
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