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Topics: Pollution, Hypertension, Water pollution Pages: 2 (371 words) Published: March 19, 2011
Ooi Shi Jing 5S

Effects of Pollution

Pollution of environment is getting worse nowadays. This brings lots of effects and problems to human beings and animals as well. Polluted air will harm our lungs, cause asthma attacks, coughing, wheezing and respiratory problems like bronchitis. Besides, dirty air will cause irritation of eyes, nose, mouth and throat. Severely polluted air might even lead to premature death. Hazardous gases from our vehicles, air conditioners as well as refrigerators will lead to greenhouse effects, acid rain and global warming.

Now, let’s talk about water pollution. Water pollution will lead to spread of disease. Drinking polluted water can cause cholera or typhoid infections, along with diarrhea. Exposure to mercury will lead to Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, heart diseases and even death. Polluted water will harm the food chain too. Toxins within water can harm aquatic organisms, thus breaking a link in the food chain. Oil-contaminated water prevent the air from getting into the water, thus the marine life will suffocate. We are the ones eating fish, prawns, and seaweeds. If the marine life carries chemical wastes, will we be healthy after eating them? Rubbish and unwanted substances in the river, sea or ocean will prevent the water from flowing, hence this will lead to flashflood.

There are many harmful effects of soil pollution such as reducing soil fertility and imbalance of flora and fauna. Dangerous chemicals entering underground water will cause ecological imbalance. Soil pollution causes loss of soil and natural nutrients. Plants will not thrive in such soil, hence would further result in soil erosion.

Noise pollution, well, will disturb our health and behavior in a number of ways including insomnia, indigestion, high blood pressure, mental problem and heart disease. Hearing problem will be the most severe effect. Noise will lead to temporary or even permanent deafness! Noise pollution will cause sleep...
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