Oral Presentation

Topics: Surrogacy, Family, Assisted reproductive technology Pages: 2 (872 words) Published: April 13, 2015
As a child I always dreamed of becoming a parent. I would watch my mother with my younger siblings and hope that one day I would be like her with children of my own to look after. As I was a child I never really took into consideration how hard it actually can be for some people to conceive. Infertility, as it turns out is actually quite common in Australia with one in six couples being affected. Medical science has it possible these days to have a family in many different ways, with the choice of surrogacy, to have another woman bear a child for you, becoming increasingly popular. Surrogate mothers could be your relatives or a close friend, or a woman willing to give other people the same opportunity to experience parenthood. Although in some cases people result to surrogacy overseas, especially in places like India, where it is much cheaper to find a surrogate compared to more westernised countries like America. The absence of ethical laws to the surrogate mother means couples seeking surrogacy in India may be vulnerable and the amount of money offered, being an irresistible lure to those who need it most. Current laws in Australia do not allow for commercial surrogacy but do allow for altruistic surrogacy to take place hence why we see most people looking overseas for surrogates. I mean how often do you really come across someone who is willing to be an altruistic surrogate? While advocates for commercial surrogacy in Australia present it as a workable solution to issues of global exploitation of women and children, if you look a little deeper it really emerges as an ethically and legally fraught process. Australia should not join the likes of Guatemala, India, Thailand, Russia and Georgia which permit commercial surrogacy as to allow commercial surrogacy in Australia is to say that it is okay to financially exploit women for personal gain and for them to be seen as a commodity.

Surrogacy is something that should only be done for altruistic purposes...
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