opposing arguments

Pages: 2 (345 words) Published: December 5, 2014
Josh Enriquez
Opposition Arguments to Different, Narrowed Positions
1. The support is justified, animals can feel pain, but animals should not have the same rights as people because they are part of a food chain. They live in the wilderness have no intellect as humans and they even hunt each other for food. So even though they may feel pain, in order for us to survive the food chain has to be respected. 2. Although America does have enough domestic issues that we could tend to, defending other countries or invading other countries can lead to alliances of sources the country may need. We have a whole government in place to decide whether war would be beneficial or harmful to us as in end result. So I believe in most cases America has gained assets as a result of world policing. Other countries depend on us and we depend on many countries. 3. Well to allow immigration without any cap would not only bring skilled workers, but also put lots of Americans out of work. The more immigrants that come to this country the less likely an unemployed American has a chance to get work. Also cultural variety isn't as important as starving hungry American born citizens competing with foreigners. 4. I don't see why the parent should be held responsible for crimes their children commit. Due to the fact that the government doesn’t allow parents to reasonably discipline their children physically, if the juvenile commits a crime it should be between that child and the court system to deal with. By giving parents the right to discipline their child in an old-fashioned manner that could possibly elevate the juveniles committing crimes. 5. Beauty pageants encourage growing up too fast. They dress young girls up with make-up, high heels, and all the adult induced behaviors. Beauty pageants also have winners and losers, so I don't see how they can promote self-esteem to young girls when out of 25-75 contestants only 2 or 3 win. That basically means the rest lost and they...
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