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Cone crusher is designed with advanced structure which enhance its powerful performance in different projects. With the proper design, the crushing ratio is much higher and so the production capacity. The governing system could protect the equipment from damaging and simplify the repair process. So, with the excellent performance, the cone crusher is becoming essential at construction sites.If you have known its structure inside, you would realize the reason it gets its name. Its container is large at the top but the size get smaller and smaller from the top to the bottom. When the materials are poured into the machine from the opening at the top, they will be crushed and as they drop down, their size will be smaller and smaller. Its strange name is no more strange after we have known the reason. But do you want to know more information about cone crusher?

Speaking of the uses, do you know where it's usually used in? There is no doubt miming industry. However, at present as more models and functions of new cone crushers come up day by day, they are used in many other places. One of the main ways a mining company uses this tool is to facilitate the moving of carved stone from mining shafts more easily. Similarly, construction and demolition crews use a crusher for the same purpose when excavating a particularly stoney area. Many times, a side industry is created from the crushed stone by selling it as gravel for driveways.

Now you are clear what's the meaning of cone crusher and why we call it cone crusher. In all kinds of crushers, the definition of cone crusher is so easy to be unknown or misunderstood by lots of people. So we are happy to give you this news. In addition, we are a good cone crusher supplier. We have all sorts of good cone crushers. Cone crusher--what a miracle it is.

tyre mobile jaw crusher: http://www.fote-machine.com/product/rubber-typed-mobile-crushing-station.html

small crusher: http://www.ft-productionline.com/proitem/p6.html
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