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Achieving Operational Excellence|
Identifying supply chain management solutions|

Is one of the suppliers they should use to order their gas tanks Global sources will approximately take 2 days to arrive and will cast 4 $ a gas tank to ship to Colorado. CycleBuy.com is another manufature I suggest, and their shipping would be their over night for 5$ a gas tank .

2. I2 helps automotive companies define a global process for demand and supply balancing and put in place a managed shared service model enabled by i2 Sales and Operations Management (S&OM). This solution enables companies to perform the information consolidation necessary for an effective global S&OM process. What once took weeks to execute is now being done in a matter of days, allowing planners and stakeholders to focus on value-generating decisions. This foundational capability has enabled companies to further advance its S&OM efforts by implementing scenario analysis and demand-shaping capabilities. These are all the solutions found in the software. Process Orchestration: Set up a repeatable sales and operations management process that is executed based on alerts and exceptions Rapid Impact Analysis: Assess the impact of demand and supply decisions on revenue and margins and use pre-defined playbooks for exception resolutions Corporate Accountability: Use live dashboards with audit trail capability for tracking plan vs. actual performance on quantitative and qualitative corporate data Dynamic Plan Consolidation: Consolidate point-of-sale, inventory, forecast, supply, product mix and financial data across regions and product lines Corporate Adoption: Employ easy-to-use interface, enabling low cost of ownership by leveraging current desktop office productivity tools and solutions

SAP For Automotive is the second software I would suggest With the SAP for Automotive solution portfolio, you get the solutions you need to better understand,...
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