Online Reservation System and Booking

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Chapter I


Rationale of the Study

Every problem has a solution. In order to come up with a good

solution, the root of the problem has to be determined. The scope of

the problem must be established well before making the first few steps

of the study. One has to get a hold of the basic theories and principles

regarding the problem, justify the impact of the problem to the

society, and consider the future customers of that “would-be “solution.

Before designing solutions, related literature must be examined first.

This may ease off confusion as to where and how to start. Lastly, a

standard and appropriate methodology must guide everything until the

solution is achieved.

Technology has gone a long way, improving the lives of people.

These technological breakthroughs have lots to offer, making great

things in the easiest, fastest and efficient possible ways you can think


With the advent of computers, the world seems to have become

smaller. People communicating instantly anywhere in the world is an

advantage brought by high speed communication technology. The use

of unbounded communication channel, makes communicating in

remote areas possible. Access time is very important for people to

communicate with each other, to perform daily activities, and to make

use of it as scheduled. The discovery of high speed communication

media brings the hotel reservation system closer to the client.

Therefore, Sogo Hotel has introduced a highly complex yet much

comprehensive prepaid hotel transaction management system, where

you can have an easy access reserving a slice of heaven you’ve been

craving, faster than in a blink of an eye. With this system, clients are

guaranteed to have been given the best price possible. Sogo Hotel will

be engaging into globalization, harnessing online reservation. This lets

more people to gain access to even more people and the ability to

share ideas and experiences through the internet. Because of the

information and communications technology making connections

without physical elements, people are now able to communicate, share

thoughts and happenings real-time.

Information dissemination campaign has made a breakthrough in

order to gain a well-informed community, hence, covering a large

portion market. Thus, possible expansion may pave the way of the

business to its summit. This has prompted the company to invest into

a prepaid hotel transaction management system like this. The system

is believed to provide highly powered and highly reliable hotel

reservation system through a portable ATM card-like medium.

Project context

The proponents want to know the reasons why hotels have

difficulty of acquiring reservations. The proponents conduct a study

towards the topic because they notice some hotels can't keep up with

the crisis that the country is facing. The study will emphasize the

advantages of using a hotel issued prepaid cards that are reloadable to

lure guest who are of tight budget and for faster transaction

processing. Therefore, the proponents purported to find out the effects

of using prepaid cards to increase the number of hotel customers.

With the crisis affecting every individual in the country the need

to adopt to the changing economy is the main concern of the Hoteliers

to keep up with its competitors. One of the solutions or alternatives to

the problems that a Hoteliers are facing, a system was being

developed which can reserve, edit, delete, monitor and store and

secured the records of the customers and also can regularly generate

monthly sales income of the hotel.

Purpose and description of the project

Prepaid Hotel Transaction Management System is a transaction

processing system that solves the problem encountered by hotels

during this time of crisis. The Prepaid...
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