Online Ordering System

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Carlo Caputan1
Christine Lei Cortez1
Lara Joy Rigon1
Glam Street is a small organization that sells clothing, shoes and accessories for women, men and kids. Their store is located at Fragante Building, Aguinaldo corner Blumentritt, Centro 06, Tuguegarao City.

Glam Street uses manual process in generating reports such as sales and inventory. Said method sometimes gives problems and troubles regarding data storage, usage of time, effort and money on the part of the customer and merchant since all transactions are manually processed. Moreover, it is also inconvenient for the customer to personally visit the store especially when the customer is from far places. In addition, they cannot display all their stocks or other products because of the limitations of the space. Storage for all the stocks and products is also a problem especially when there is a huge bulk of deliveries from its suppliers. Introduction

The first computers were people. Electronic computers were given this name because they performed the work that previously been assigned to people. Information technology has been rapidly growing and it sufficiently contributes to the society specifically in the area of entertainment, calculations, education, communication, research, and even in businesses. Since then almost all business processes rely on the ability of technology. Furthermore, World Wide Web has grown tremendously which offer businesses more benefit and convenience. For this reason, businesses have vastly changed with the extensive use of the internet. Many businesses have websites that allow people to conduct business “on-line”. This is a field that all experts say will grow and advance greatly in the years to come. This tool/ medium allow a consumer to learn more about his order before he actually goes out to purchase it. The internet has created a new economic ecosystem, the e-commerce marketplace, and it has become the virtual main street of the world. Providing a quick and convenient way of exchanging goods and services both regionally and globally e-commerce has boomed. Thirty two years ago you would never have thought of ordering on the web, but today, with current scripting and programming languages, you can just do that. Nowadays, e-commerce is very efficient since it provides any advantages such as quick processes, virtual payment and better tie management. In fact, certain businesses operate solely through the internet.

In this new world, there is no geographical separation and there are no borders, and all people are encouraged to participate and contribute drawing on their experiences and resources. In cyberspace actions and reactions essentially instantaneous, and this is why the internet is so gratifying and attractive. This is why it has impacted our society in almost all areas of human endeavor. All in all, the internet is affecting so any people’s lives, in a most welcome, exciting and challenging ways. Based from thorough analysis of the manual system of Glam Street, which is presently encountering problems like redundancy of work, tie consuming and unsecured data the researchers have come up with a solution. In connection with this, the ultimate purpose of the proposed system is to help the Glam Street particularly the administrator or the owner and the customers to achieve better and more convenient way of processing data and information, the ‘Online Ordering and Purchasing System’ is proposed.

The development of e-commerce offers a promising way for business to meet challengers of the ever-changing market(Kaiyin,1997). The fast- developing information infrastructure makes the connectivity to reach almost everywhere around the whole world possible However, the main challenge and successfulness of running e-commerce business comes not only from technology but also from the people who do the business. E-commerce is fundamentally changing the...

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1Graduate of BS Computer Science 2013, CSU-Carig
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