Online Dating Industry Analysis

Topics: Online dating service, Intimate relationships, Dating Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Online dating is a large and expanding business; even at the beginning of the Internet dating rage in 2002, singles sites accounted for the Internet's largest consumer-spending category. (Durbin, 2003).

Customers are attracted to online dating for two main reasons: convenience and compatibility. At least one of these components affect a users decision on what site they will log on to.
Users can conveniently log on at any time almost anywhere and search for a match. Technology advancements in the area of mobile web browsing devices (i.e., Apple’s ipad and iphone, Blackberry) and cell phone applications (apps) make these sites more convenient and useful. Busy lifestyles can appreciate this form of interactive dating. With the ability to apply filters such as age, height, body type, faith, ethnicity, social habits and geographical location the pool of candidates can be narrowed down to a member likings. Having these search options can attract more members. Sites with more search options seem more useful, especially if someone is very particular about who they wish to find. Some dating sites are based on a very targeted market such as ethnicity, age, faith and economic status. Intimate relationships are an important component of life. Online dating sites offer what some people cannot find in their everyday life. Matching sites have gained credibility in the past few years and are not thought of as a “last resort“ but as more of a substitute or different approach to traditional dating. More than 1,000 online dating/lifestyle sites exist (Siani, 2010). All online dating sites have at least one business goal in common which is to solve the problem of finding an intimate partner.
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