One Size Fits All

Topics: Education, High school, Teacher Pages: 3 (876 words) Published: May 14, 2013
One Size Fits All… An Educational Approach

One size fits all is a term that we have all heard in our society. This cliché has been applied to clothing, wrist watches, necklaces and bike helmets. This universal fit concept is, unfortunately, the thinking behind most public education today. As we know, one size fits all is anything but. Just as people are physically built differently, we all have diverse learning styles and capabilities. Public high schools in the United States are also built around this idea. I believe that public high school promotes the aim of capitalistic goals, instead of promoting “Some believe that one remedy to unequal educational opportunities is choice.”(pg 298). I am an advocate for charter school education, though I was never able to attend one. I recognize that high school students have different interest and passions. In Creating Comprehensive High Schools, James Constant suggest special academic arrangements be made for highly gifted the that “these students are challenged not only by course work, but by the development of their special interest as well.” (Pg 329) I feel every student should be afforded the opportunity to develop their interests, gifts and strengths in the public school setting. To just give this privilege that is paid for with public monies to certain students, instead of all, based upon the observation of teachers is unfair. Especially, in schools where students live with socio-economic issues that impact their education negatively. If a talented student has not eaten breakfast, how can he concentrate on class assignments to his best ability? If a student has not had great academic advantages and exposures, such as those found in elite prep schools, how can he attain the same study habits and principles? Should not these students be allowed to develop their special interests in order to have the best public educational high school experience? Charter schools give the benefit of specialized...
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