One good punch

Topics: Drug, High school, College Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: March 26, 2014
Michael Kerrigan is a student in a High School East Scranton. He is one of the best in his class, good student, dedicated athlete, captain of the track team and teachers favourite. He works at the Scranton Observer as an editorial assistant, composing obituaries for writing experience. This year is , as he said , the most important track season of his life. He had been working hard and it is the time to see the results. All he wants is to win the race and go to collage so he could finally get out of that city which is dying. The population decreases as young people leave after high school graduation. Also there is a girl , Sally. He likes her but they are friends from childhood and he doesn't know how to approach her and get their relationship to next level.

Problems for Mike starts when his friend Yoey put four joints in his locker. The thing is, Mike asked if Yoey could get a joint for him because Shelly wanted some and asked Mike to get them. But Mike didn't know that Yoey is in a drug dealing job and that he is going to stash a lot more joints in Mikes' locker than he asked for. Every month police goes to the school with their dogs looking for drugs. And to Mikes misfortune just that weekend the police found the drog in his locker. Soon he was called to principle office to explain himself. Since Mike is a good student, never been in anykind of trouble, none of the profesor, principle or parents believed that this is his drogs in locker. They all think he is covering somebody up and they wants to know who. Until he admit he is suspended from school , his team and from his job. The pressure on him comes and from his friend Yoey. Yoey has got beaten up because the drog was found and a lot more of that is waitng for him if Mike says where does that drog came from. Mike is faced with a choice, and everything he's worked so hard for, his running career, his job, his whole future depends on his decision. If he turns Joey in, Mike can go to college and be on the...
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