On The Border Narrative

Pages: 2 (329 words) / Published: Oct 9th, 2017
First time at On The Border
A couple years ago in the summer, Lucie, her sister (Cassie) and I were having a hangout at Lucie’s house. We started doing gymnastics, then we started to get hungry, so we went up stairs and Lucie asked her mom, “Mom. Can we go somewhere to get some lunch?” Lucies mom said, “Sure. Where would girls like to go?”
We all started shouted out some restaurants. Then Lucie said, “How about On The Border?” Lucie’s mom said, “Heaven have you been there?” I said, “No, I’d love to try it. Let's go there.” So, Lucie’s mom grabbed her keys and we got in the car. Lucie sat in the front seat and Cassie and I sat in the back. When we got into the car we drove off. When we got there we sat down at the table in right corner.

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