On Dumpster Diving

Topics: Dumpster diving, Waste picker, Dumpster Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: October 29, 2008
On On Dumpster Diving

In the many subcultures of the Twenty First century dumpster diving is a casual activity. Dumpster diving being the act of taking, used goods out of a dumpster for personal use. I personally adorn many dumpstered clothing items. In the essay On Dumpster Diving by Lars Eighner, he talks about dumpster diving through his experiences being homeless, living with his dog, and dumpster diving to sustain his life. He postulates how much of what we consume is wasted. Eighner maintains this through dumpster diving in various places. His solution to this waste concern isn’t just to dumpster dive, but too concern your own consumption, with the waste it produces. When eating dumpstered food a high-risk level is observed. With the risk of botulism, the writer promotes “…botulism is almost certainly fatal, and often the first symptom is death.”(Eighner 381). Although risks of tetanus, and physical injury due to; Broken glass, Rusted metal, wires… Eighner still focuses on food related risks, because they are more unpredictable. Most people can spot a heavy or sharp object, but to be able to diagnose old foods, and make a clear distinction between safe and harmful, is hard and often dangerous decision Eighner reveals the methods to avoiding issues with consumption of dangerous foods. The first thing he says you should find out about the food is why it was thrown away (Eighner 380). A good way to know the condition of the contents of a certain dumpster is to, check up on it, and remember it’s contents and check the foods quality. He explains how such foods as; carbonated beverages, and canned goods are typically still good, as long as the seal has not been broken. On the issue of botulism, it can be subdued by heat, but it must be extensive (Eighner 381). Even after checking raw foods intently, Eighner is still skeptical of any food, if the package is undisturbed, more skepticism is observed, because typically thing are thrown out for a reason....
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