Oliver Twist and Sense and Sensability Comparison Essay

Topics: Social class, Charles Dickens, Victorian era Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Set in the Victorian era, Sense and Sensibility and Oliver Twist, parallel but also contrast in many key elements. In both movies, mannerisms, class distinction, and the child's role in society were reflected by both writers. Through these analysis, I was able to achieve new insight into the conditions of the Victorian era.

In Oliver twist, mannerisms were greatly displayed in Oliver as a character. His mannerism best demonstrated how upper-class children were supposed to behave during this era. They were to be 'seen' and not 'heard'. Oliver when spoken to, was extremely polite and respectful (Very odd for how, and where he was raised). Even when living in the streets, after being kicked out of the orphanage, he still kept his high morale standards.

Much like children, women were also supposed to be 'seen' and not 'heard'. As well, it was not proper to show emotion, such exuberance or love in any way. Marianne, in Sense and Sensibility, goes against these "rules" of proper etiquette many times, such as when she shouts at John Willoughby at a ball; this drew much scandalous attention to herself. This was very humorous to me, because it was nothing i expected, or thought would happen.

The one very positive element I saw in this era, was how the men displayed chivalrous attitudes, such as how they courted women, as well as their words. Unfortunately this was a double standard, since it sometimes had unpleasant results, like being forced into marriage. However, their attitudes and respect of women was extremely valiant and noble to me.

One very strong and disturbing trait that was displayed within both movies' societies during this era, was how the poor and wealthy not only viewed each other, but themselves: Worthless; criminal; diseased; and revolting. The poor children in Oliver Twist presented low self-esteem but appreciated what they had. Interestingly, they used the low-class stereotypes as an excuse to reaffirm their...
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