Of Mice and Men Essay

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In any non-communist nation, there will always be people born with an advantage in life, and the way to equalize opportunity is not to distribute wealth into 7 billion pieces, the way to help those in need is through charity. In Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck…

Throughout the novel, George is constantly helping Lennie find work, teaching him the do’s and don’t’s of the social scene, and acting as a parent and guardian for him. George is being charitable towards Lennie. Charity is defined as the act of giving to those in need, without the expectation of anything in return. George exemplifies charity by putting his job and life on the line for Lennie. When George and Lennie were working in Weed, Lennie accidently attacked a woman and made it look as if he was trying to rape the woman. Lennie’s actions forced George and Lennie to run for cover on the edge of town in order to escape the search party that was en route. It would be all too easy for George to leave Lennie in one city and find work elsewhere. George is burdening himself with looking after and taking care of Lennie, because he knows that Lennie needs and deserves the help. Lennie is mentally disabled and it is not his fault. George realizes that there are times when people are not as fortunate as you in one way or another and need the help that you can give them. George takes it upon himself to guide and direct Lennie’s life to keep him out of trouble and working with a job. Geroge epitomizes charity in the way that he dedicates and revolves his own life around Lennie.

Of Mice and Men brings up the sensitive and controversial humanitarian idea of whether or not it is ethical to take the life of someone who is pained by living. Twice in the novel a life is taken because the other characters come to the conclusion that their life is not worth living any more and the deceased would be better off without having to face their troubles for another day. This is a topic relevant to charity...
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