Odyssey Essay

Topics: Odyssey, Homer, Epic poetry Pages: 2 (652 words) Published: May 21, 2013
The Odyssey is a historic epic probably one of the best stories ever written. This is story of a great hero and his fight to get home and through his 20 years away there are many dangers and problems slowing him down to get home to his beloved family. The themes of this epic: are boy must struggle to become a man, soldier must struggle to get home from war, and king must struggle to reclaim a kingdom. In this epic story, there are many characters that show loyalty to Odysseus his friends, family, servants, and even his old dog Argos. They are all loyal but I believe the most loyal was Penelope, she was very smart and tricked the suitors long enough to the powerful Odysseus was able to return home to his beloved wife. When he arrived from home she told him “I armed myself long ago against the frauds of men, imposters who might come- and all those many whose underhanded ways bring evil on”. She stood up to all of those suitors when her husband wasn’t there when they could have controlled her but yet she stayed loyal and tricked the many suitors in this is the strongest point of loyalty in this epic poem.

Odysseus dog Argos was very loyal to his master Odysseus. When Odysseus made it too the palace, he was waiting there on a pile of dung outside for his servants did not feed him and when her arrived he knew it was his master because he wagged his tail and opened his eyes. And after waiting for 20 years he finally died on the pile of dung and he showed his true loyalty and love toward Odysseus. And last his servants show loyalty. Odysseus ‘wet nurse Eurycleia finds out his identity when he was disguised as a beggar. She says, “you are Odysseus! Ah, dear child! I could not see you until now not till I knew my masters very body with my hands”. Although she wanted to spread the word she kept quiet and loyal. Some of the other servants were not as loyal. Most of them joined suitors and he ended up killing them and all the suitors in the end.

Hospitality another main...
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