Occasional Snow

Topics: Snow, Snowball, Snowball fight Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: December 2, 2007
Snow, a rarity in Globe Arizona, comes once or twice a year and quickly disappears leaving only the memories that are enjoyed during its presence: the occasional snow day for the local schools, sledding, Snowmen (if that much snow falls), or may be a snow ball fight. The freezing temperature of 26 degrees briefly dismisses the fact that we are in the middle of a desert that has 109 degree days in July. It's almost as if the entire town slows down for the day, taking pleasure in the freshly fallen snow, but as the snow quickly fades, the normal routines continue. Atop the local Pinal Mountains, just south of our small community, the snow tends to stay awhile, creating a gorgeous back drop for the town as well as the opportunity for a day trip with my dogs to relax and enjoy this weather phenomenon.

Exploring a snow covered mountain side is an adventure all its own. The familiar landmarks that once help to guide the way are now camouflaged under a blanket of snow, only complicating the journey. The enormous Pine trees looked as if they were wearing a white coat to stay warm; the massive rocks that are so hard to miss in the spring, are now concealed beneath the snow. On the ground tracks of small animals are printed on the freshly fallen snow. The afternoon sun was just beginning to peek out from the clouds, reflecting off the snow, highlights the picture perfect forest.

Inspecting the mountainside with her big brown eyes, Lobo almost blends with the snow if it wasn't for her black nose. Her stance is like that of a wolf, with her tail curled up like a scorpion's stinger, proud, assertive, ready to seize upon the next rabbit or squirrel she sets her eyes on. She is truly the leader of the pack. Her sister, Angel, who is so animated you can only see a streak of brown as she flies by, is the mischievous one of the group. She stops, only long enough for one to notice that the black around her nose now matches the white on her chest from dashing through...
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