Topics: Nutrition, Junk food, Hamburger Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Jocelyne Hernandez
Ms. Carrasco Eng. IV
April 2, 2013 Pd. 2nd
Different factors that cause obesity now-a-day are harming our society/community. Obesity ranges from lack of exercise to eating more food than needed. Also, the bad habits that people get of eating junk food or unhealthy food. Though eating a lot of healthy food can also cause obesity. According to research these factors can cause obesity in any age range and gender.

Initially, in teenagers obesity happens because of fast foods. It is easier for any young to go and buy a burger and any other fast food such as pizza than to do something to eat at home. In these cases burgers are no the healthiest choice you can pick. These kinds of choices lead to obesity if they are taken more than twice a week according to nutritionist.

In younger people they begin to have bad habits of eating that the older show them. Like any other habits that people can get from older people, bad eating habits can be a nightmare. `In other cases people say that it’s just a family thing that they are all in an obesity situation, but that is actually not the answer. Breaking a bad eating habit cannot be the easiest thing to do but it sure is possible.

Changing the style and the foods that is being consumed can help change those bad eating habits. In many situations stress can make it hard to change those habits because it holds you back from accomplishing what you have set yourself to do. Foreyt says that bad eating habits and exercise habits require a three-pronged approach.
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