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Leadership is defined as an ability to influence a group toward the achievement of goal. By this definition, we can see a lot of models, theories and issues were developed or arise. Thus, our group was given a case to solve it by relate the case with the models, theories and issues that might be similar to the case that given to us.

Briefly I will summaries about the case that we have received; this case was talking about 3M CEO which is George Buckley that developing a new leadership model for the company under 3M’s leadership program development. This program is so effective that in 2010 and it was number there on the list of BusinessWeek’s Top 20 Companies for Leadership. This new leadership model was cover six attributes which is: 1. Chart the course

2. Energize and inspire others
3. Demonstrate ethics, integrity, and compliance
4. Deliver result
5. Raise the bar
6. Innovate resourcefully

What do you think about Buckley’s statement that leaders and manager differ? Do you agree? Why or why not? ANSWER :
Yes, From above question we can summaries that leader and manager is differ because leader are more about influence and inspiration to other people while manager more to the job position that control the situation or task by follow the process or methods. We can refer back to the definition of leadership itself, it was defined as an ability to influence a group toward the achievement of goal. So, everyone in the organization can be a leader even though his/her are regular employee. Leader perspectives are wide rather than manager, thus, leader is more important in the organization because leader can influence, motivate and enable to contribute towards company in archive company objective more efficiently. For being a leader are not easy because leader usually are not promoted up through the organization too quickly. Leader need to experience failure and what takes to rebuild. That why leader that are successful in their carrier are the leader who have a lot of experience and use the failure to rebuilt the better situation or decision. Their also have a strong self-confident, cooperativeness, trust, respect and also admire by all of his/her subordinates. This is one of the issue that had been proposed by George Buckley itself. Besides that, More than 100 years ago, one of history’s great leaders which is Abraham Lincoln was made this differences between leaders and managers:

The Boss drives his men| The Leader coach them|
The Boss depend on authority| The Leader on goodwill|
The Boss inspires fear| The Leader inspires enthusiasm|
The Boss says “I”| The Leader says “We”|
The Boss fixes the blame for the breakdown| The Leader fixed the breakdown| The Boss knows how it is done| The Leader shows how it is done| The Boss says “Go”| The Leader says “Let’s Go”|

From above, we can see the differences that have been made by Abraham Lincoln. This is shows leader and manager plays important roles in the organization. Every decision have been made by leaders will affect the job task and also the follower of the leader. Thus, we can conclude that leader is different with manager based on the characteristic, elements, and the leadership style that leader used and implied in the organization.

What leadership model/theories/issue do you see in this case? List and describe. ANSWER :
3M CEO George Buckley was created a new leadership attributes model which is under the 3M’s leadership development program that so effective that in 2010 and it was number there on the list of BusinessWeek’s Top 20 Companies for Leadership. This six attribute included ability to: 1. Chart the course

2. Energize and inspire others
3. Raise the bar
4. Deliver result
5. Innovate resourcefully
6. Demonstrate ethics, integrity, and compliance
In order to ensure this attribute was implied in organization, Buckley...

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