Nvq Level 5 Unit 136

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Unit 136
The early years curriculum that supports children's care learning and development is the foundation phase. Foundation phase promotes learning through play. There are 7 areas of learning that consists of: physical development

Physical development is physical movements of all areas of the body. This may include fine motor skills, gross motor skills and hand eye co-ordination. Fine motor skills may be for e.g. threading a bead on to a piece of string, gross motor skills are for e.g. star jumps and hand eye co-ordination is for e.g. throwing a ball and catching it. These activities can be done indoors and outdoors. Creative development

Creative development is all about imagination, role play, messy play, making music , junk modelling and mark making. Equipment that they use within the foundation phase are sand and water, drawing and painting materials, empty containers, play dough, cooking and also puppets and fancy dress. The foundation phase is all about child led activities and making choices and also adult led activities. knowledge and understanding of the world

Knowledge and understanding of the world is all about the world around us and our families and the community. The children learn all about the weather different festivals and cultures, the environment including recycling, people who help us and also the community e.g. doctors, post office. Welsh language

Welsh language is all about introducing basic welsh to the children, this may include short phrases, colours and numbers. mathematical development
Mathematical development is all about shapes, colours and numbers. The development of these can be done in lots of different ways including learning through play using both indoors and outdoors. Maths is all about sorting, matching sequencing and measuring.

language, literacy and communication
This area of learning is all about reading, writing and speech. We help the children to control a pencil and then to start writing. We teach them to recognise letters and their sounds. We read a variety of books and encourage the children to re- tell the story.

Personal,social, well being and cultural diversity, this is to help children to learn about their selves and also their relationships with other children and adults both within and beyond the family, the distinctive Welsh culture and other cultures that are part of the diverse society in Wales.

The foundation phase consists of weekly planning that is followed by doing focused activities. The children are observed to check which level they are at, making sure there are no less able identified that needs to be monitored and also transferred to an agency.

Up to the age of 3 there is also a curriculum called the birth to three matters, this framework focuses on 4 aspects each aspect has components. They are:

A strong child
Me, myself and I
A sense of belonging
Being acknowledged and affirmed
Developing self-assurance

A skilful communicator
Being together
Finding a voice
Making meaning
Listening and responding

A competent learner
Making connections
Being imaginative
Being creative

A healthy child
Emotional well-being
Growing and developing
Keeping safe
Healthy choices

the purpose of this framework is to provide support and guidance for practitioners working with children under 3 years.


In a nursery setting we need to achieve a balance between child initiated play an adult led activities. In the foundation phase its all about children's choices and using their imagination through play, which allows them to be independent thinkers. Through this they will understand and learn about the consequences of their actions and decisions. In the foundation phase we do weekly planning which is adult led activities, this focuses on the targeted areas of development and the requirements of their learning. Part of the planning...
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