nursing as a discipline

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Is nursing a discipline or just a profession? The term discipline describes the practise of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, so can nursing be placed under this classification? The term profession described as a paid occupation or a body of people engaged in a particular profession, so can nursing be placed under this classification? Yes nursing is a paid occupation, thus allowing it to be placed under the classification of nursing as a profession. However, nursing can also be placed under discipline as you are trained to obey a code of behaviour. Nursing as a discipline has interrelated relationships between nursing practice, knowledge and research and these relationships help to advance the discipline of nursing. Is nursing a profession or a discipline? The goal of the discipline is to expand knowledge about human experiences through creative conceptualisation and research, (Parse, R.R, 1999). The goal of the profession is to provide a service to humankind through living the art of science, (Parse, R.R, 1999). Through those definitions of the nursing discipline and the nursing profession, it can be seen that the nursing practice can be thought as a discipline or a profession. The discipline of nursing encompasses the knowledge in the extant framework and theories that are embedded in the totality and simultaneity paradigm, (Parse, R.R, 1999). The profession of nursing consists of person educated in the discipline of nursing according to nationally regulated defined and monitored standards, (Parse, R.R, 1999). You can see that nursing is both a profession and a discipline and you can see that there are interrelationships between nursing practice, knowledge and research. In nursing as a discipline you can see that there is an interrelationship between nursing practice, knowledge and research. It has been said that that understanding of knowledge base is essential for judgement and decision-making that occurs...

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