Nt1310 Unit 9 Study Guide

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1. Be able to make a table listing the four major types of tissue. Describe the function, location, distinguishing characteristics, and make a sketch of each type.
2. Know the function and the components that make up the extra cellular matrix in connective tissue.
3. Know the three those of muscle tissue and give the function and location of each type.
4. Review the difference between tissue that is vascular and tissue that is avascular.
Avascular: not many blood vessels and minimum blood flow; found in skin
Vascular: a lot of blood vessels and a lot of blood flow
5. Review the difference between tendons and ligaments
Tendons: connects muscle to bon
Ligaments: connects bone to bone
6. Describe the general characteristics of neurons.
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Review the different types of connective tissue. Make sure you know the function, the general characteristics of each type, and where in the body each type is located.
9. You should be able to identify each type of tissue when looking at a prepared slide or overhead picture.
10. Explain how the endocrine and exocrine glands vary in structure and function.
Endocrine: inside
11. Be able to draw and label the following orientation and directional terms: superior, inferior, anterior, posterior, medial, lateral proximal, distal, superficial, and

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