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Q: The concept of purification is essential in the thematic structure of the two novels. Compare the symbols of the purification in “The Mill on the Floss” and “Jane Eyre” . The mill on the floss and Jane Eyre are novels written in the late nineteenth century. First, "The Mill on the Floss" by George Eliot's. It tells the story of Tom and Maggie Tulliver, a brother and sister growing up on the river Floss near the village. "Jane Eyre" is the second novel. Jane Eyre the title of its title character, a poor orphaned girl who comes to live with her aunt where she endures poor treatment from her aunt and cousins. If you compare between them you will find many similarities in themes, images and symbols…ets. For example, in theme they both criticize the treatment of the society towards women at that time. However, there are many differences too. As in the theme of purification in the two novels it is the same theme but different symbol: water and fire. First, in The Mill on the Floss water and the river as a symbol contains both darkness and light. Floods, too, are positive and negative in this book. While floods can be destructive forces, they are also somehow cleansing, in a highly biblical sense. first example, the women in the book who had drowned although she did not do any vain except being a women that is the main theme but also it is a symbol of purification that water will wash her from her vain. The second example,nature repairs her ravages – repairs them with her sunshine and with human labour. The desolation wrought by that flood, had left little visible trace on the face of the earth, five years after. the flood that drowns Maggie and Tom Tulliver and brings “ The Mill on the Floss” to melodramatic conclusion quite obviously symbolizes wild, destructive nature as a determinant of human destiny and purification from their wrongs . On the other hand, in Jane Eyre fire is represented as being comforting in Miss Temple's room .However, Fire...
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