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Product Development models

The task of the project is to improve the Novenco fire fighting system by designing a developed version without the problem of clogging. There have been made two alternative systems which both can eliminate the problem. To choose between the two alternatives I have made a preliminary plan for both cases. The plan consists of the best possible team for developing the new Novenco FF and a plan for how the project will progress. This will be a way to work together and structure the work in the best way which also reduces the cycle of time. Additionally it is systematic process to move the new fire fighting system through various stages which makes it move from an idea to launch. Choosing the team

To choose the best team you have to gather a team consisting of different employees with difference competences and different areas of specialisations. The first thing is to find out which departments the different members of the team should be drawn from and the second is to decide what their expertises should be in the light of tailoring the project team to the project. In my opinion the two new alternatives are improvements of the original design based on a system error and therefore only needs to be developed. This means it is a new feature which has to be added to the already sold fire fighting systems and in the future just be a part of the Novenco fire fighting system. Project team alternative 1

Alternative 1 is a flushing system. It automatically flushes out the corrosion materials from the pipes by engaging the pump units and the valves. The first I would like is the expertise from suppliers. They have a deeply insight in how their parts of the whole system works or reacts. Only they know what their parts is consisting of to fully. The next thing to consider is how it can be made. To handle this problem I would gather people who know a lot about technology. This means product development and quality and standards. They should be able to handle everything about how the FF update should be developed in the light of materials, processes and functions. They should moreover be able to come up with solutions to how the system automatically should engage the pump units and the valves. Another department I would gather from would be from global management. This part in the project would be to lower the costs of the new components and also maintenance. The last man in the team would be from economy. Now I have found a team consisting of an external expertise consultant from the suppliers and I have additionally gathered people from a technology department and global management. The biggest part of the project is the technical. Therefore I have chosen to have both a mechanical and manufacturing engineer. The mechanical engineers job is to make the idea of the new setup into a possible product. He has to come up with a solution to how every component shall work and how the whole system will work. The manufacturing engineer’s job is to design the whole product, optimize the efficiency of the system and possible also think of the environment. The last persons could possibly be from Global management and manufacturing and an economist. Their job would be to lower the cost of the products, spread our product to different markets in other countries and make supply chains. Project team for alternative 2

The second alternative is quite different. In this solution to the problem the system has got a new nozzle component. The nozzle is divided into two parts and allows a decoupling of the nozzle head. Then the ship’s crew can clean the nozzle head themselves. The first I would include in my project would be a user. Users often play an important role in innovation because they know how the system is right now and how it could be improved. There is a big difference between knowing the system because you have made it and knowing the system because you have used it in your daily life. Secondly I would as in...
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