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In the movie “Boyz N the Hood,” the writer depicts the lives of two families showing how the families share certain experiences, circumstances and practices in common, while also differing in some areas. While looking at the lives of the two families in the movie one may have an opinion on both the internal and external factors that contributed to the functioning of the families concerned. The movie seemed to be a good representation of two families going through a struggle in a bad neighborhood, and after watching the movie I was able to acknowledge the different internal and external factors that I believed had the biggest contribution to the healthiness or unhealthiness of the two families.

Firstly, when looking at some of the internal factors that played contribution in the lives of the members in trey’s family I believe that the biggest impacting factors were the communication skills, parenting styles, and family boundaries that were present in his family. Trey’s family seemed to have good communication skills. His father was an educated man who was very well mature and spoke with intelligence. From an early age Trey was exposed to his father’s communication skills and from that point began to better his own communication skills while taking tips from his father, and imitating his helping hand. This led Trey to become a mature man himself who possessed strong communication skills, much more than most of his peers. He was one out of two of his friends within his group that was accepted to a college that was mentioned in the movie (Boyz N The Hood, 1991). Another impacting factor that I believe played a significant role in Trey’s family’s lives was the parenting styles that were present in his Father and Mother. From an early age his Mother made a huge decision which was to give Trey to his Father while he was young. This was a good decision at the time for Trey’s mother because she did not believe that she could support Trey as well as his Father could. She was attending school and didn’t have a high enough income at the time. This could also impact Trey in a positive way because he could now be exposed to the different routines of a male, and learn how to “become a man,” like his Mother told his Father. The parenting styles his father portrayed seemed to have had a positive impact on his life. Trey’s Father taught him many different skills and enforced stronger character traits on Trey such as; responsibility, respect, communication skills, enforced morals, maturity, self determination (supporting him as he went through school), and all cognitive development. His Father always spent time with him which can be proven to be healthy towards a family’s development. His parents held meetings and called each other on the phone different times throughout the movie to talk about how Trey is doing and what’s best for Trey. His father always tried his best to keep him out of trouble setting positive examples and stopping Trey from doing things that will have a negative effect on him. For example, when Riki got shot and Trey seeked revenge, his Father got in the way of the door and wouldn’t let him leave because he knew Trey was going to do something bad. Family boundaries is another internal factor that I believe played a big role in the outcome of Trey’s family. He lived in a bad neighborhood that consisted of a lot of gang and gun violence and crime. A lot of the people around him had no boundaries at all; they seemed to be free to do as the will, as did Trey’s childhood friends Riki and Joe. But Trey grew up in a family that had good family boundaries. They seemed to know right from wrong, and knew the certain things they should be doing and shouldn’t be. For example, unlike his friend Riki’s house (at an older age), Trey did not have a bunch of people parting there. He had set rules that he followed. Also his family seemed to portray a certain lifestyle that wasn’t about that gang style life. He didn’t seem to want to...

References: J. Singleton. (Summer of 1991). Boyz N The Hood. Retrieved in class.
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