notes on chapter 4

Topics: American Dream, James Truslow Adams Pages: 4 (1271 words) Published: October 10, 2013
7th of October
Chapter 4

It is Saturday night and all the men have gone out
Crooks and Lennie and Candy have been left behind.
Description of Crooks’ room. Pg 98
Crooks is more permanent as the boss also uses him when he gets angry he plays a specific part. Crooks’ bed is made of straw, with just blankets covering the straw. Crooks has a separate to everyone else, he is attached to the bunk house. Crooks is good at fixing things.

He has medicine bottles for himself and the horses.
Crooks is seen as lower than everybody else.
Lennie, crooks candy and Curley’s wife are all misfits on the ranch. Crooks has no luxury items, his room is full of things to do with work. Showing that he never rests. Crooks has very few rights, but he has the California civil rights book – 1905- in his rooms so he can know his very few rights at all. Steinbeck portrays Crooks to be a very intelligent black man, as at the time people thought that Negroes were dumb. Description of crooks’ appearance. Pg 99

Crooks is pained not just physically but also mentally.
Liniment – like deep heat.
Lennie arrives noiselessly at crooks’ door way.
Crooks’ reaction is to scowl showing that he is not pleased to see him. Lennie tries to make friends, he smiles helplessly at crooks. Crooks instantly tells Lennie he has no right to be in his room, in a coloured man’s room. Lennie’s innocence is again shown when crooks has to explain to him why he is an outcast from everyone else. “Lennie flapped helplessly” yet another example of Lennie’s childlike behaviour. Crooks cannot know that Lennie is trying to be nice as he has never come across a white man like him, one that is kind to him. He is used to people being horrible. Like an animal Lennie is attracted to Crooks’ room by the light. Lennie slowly enters the room.

Lennie has told Crooks about the American dream, mainly about the rabbits. Crooks ended up letting Lennie entering his room by Lennie’s smile, this may be...
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