Topics: Buddhism, Gautama Buddha, Bodhi Pages: 4 (878 words) Published: June 2, 2014
Lecture notes

Singapore symbol is lion
Ancestor is important
Death starts in hell – purge

Buddhism – Release from suffering
Buddhism appeals to Chinese from several reasons
Buddhism tolerance from other religions and ways of thought.

No history of persecution
No wars
No establishing a holy kingdom
Accepted Confucianism and Daoism.
Although Buddhism is the way of truth., Confucianism and Taoism taught moral value.
Buddhist salvation lies beyond the mortal world. Does not depend on religious purity-Can accept other religion.
Buddhism establishes charities to alleviate suffering.
Buddhism inclusiveness. Equality and unity between all classes (social) Eliminate the caste system in India
Foreign aliens in the Northern China accepted Buddhism because it was outside of Chinese thought ( Confurzi and Dao) Alien barbarian rulers found equality from Buddhist beliefs,
Buddhist claims of magical ability, -Folk religion- Magical ability of Buddhist powers appeals to the superstitious. Represented the superstitious aspect of buddhaism
Buddhism had sutras- extensive literature
good art
Chinese people like this
Elaborate rituals'
Justice of Good and Evil. Karma Justice is liked by the Buddhist

End: Confucianism still prevailed as the family ethic and state rationale.' Confucianism as a moral code, family code, never faded. Religious sphere did not contend with its rivals.

Confucianism was the tie that bound all Chinese together. Whether through religion or division. '
Pureland is the most practiced Buddhism
500 years after death of that Buddha dude,
True law or Docterine
1000 years era of reflected law ( counterfeit Doctrine)
Final Degeneration of the Law
Final thought of austerity Goodness
Final degeneration had began
Only faith in the saving power of Buddha can assure salvation
Salvation is rebirth into the Pure Land.
Rich fertile comfortable land
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