Non-Violent Peaceful Protester: Mohandas K Gandhi

Pages: 1 (393 words) Published: December 18, 2010
Throughout history many different tactics have been used to try to stop violence. Gandhi was one of the most successful in using non violence to resolve a conflict. A very unsuccessful protest was Tiananmen Square. There are many different determining factors in order to have a non violent protest succeed or not work.

Mohandas K. Gandhi is one of the most famous nonviolent peaceful protesters. Gandhi led protest against economical and political restrictions. He fought for national independence and taught his followers how to use his methods. One method that Gandhi used was Satyagraha. Satyagraha is when you don’t hurt the person who’s attacking you, no matter what. “He has to be prepared to die himself suffering all the pain” (Gandhi 1).

During the salt marches Gandhi was very successful in his protest. He used Satyagraha a lot of time and it was very effective. Gandhi wanted peace, and if there was violence due to his methods he would try to come up with a peaceful compromise. This is why he was so successful in solving conflicts. Gandhi founded the Natal Indian Congress to teach Indians about the rights they had. Gandhi was successful in his protests, because he compromised and refused to use violence. Tiananmen Square is a very famous example of a non violent protest that didn’t work. It started on April 4th leading up to the massacre on June 4th. It started because protester wanted to mourn the death of their leader, Hu Yaobang. An estimated one million people showed up. They were mourning, but also protesting for individual liberty, and to have their own voices heard. On June 4th people were gunned down, killed, confined, and silenced. Tanks rolled into streets and the army loaded with guns and weapons. Before the tanks moved any further, alone man stood in front of the tanks, stopping a whole column of them. To this day, nobody knows where he is, and if he’s still alive. His signal of trying to stop the tanks was a slap in the...
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