No Ordinary Boot Camp

Topics: Teacher, Leadership, Ford Motor Company Pages: 3 (716 words) Published: August 22, 2012
No Ordinary Boot Camp
- by Noel M.Tichy

• Trilogy is a software company based in Austin, Texas. It specializes in software services to Global 1000 companies, especially in the automotive, consumer electronics, and insurance agencies. It was founded by Stanford dropout Joe Liemandt. • Trilogy has additional offices in Bangalore and Hangzhou. Its clients include Ford Motor Company, Daimler-Chrysler, Nissan, Goodyear, Prudential, Travelers Insurance, Gateway and IBM. • Trilogy was featured in the October 1998 Rolling Stone article, "Wooing the Geeks". Trilogy is notable for its Trilogy University program, which was the topic of the April 2001 Harvard Business Review article, "No Ordinary Boot Camp."

Trilogy University
• Boot Camp program

Founder and CEO, Trilogy

– Two goals i.e. Preparedness and Bonding – Focus: Skills, Relationships, and Values – Students Combination: Masters,PhDs,Arts, UG(Computer Science) – Twice a year – Total Duration:12 Weeks

Trilogy University/1
• First month of the program
– ‘Instruction Track’ Model – Group of 20 people mentored by a section leader – Emotional experience sharing – Developing skills and relationships – Goal: Trusting relationship with coworkers

Trilogy University/2
• Second month of the program
– ‘Project’ Model: 1. Responsibility of inventing new ideas 2. Create a business model 3. Build the product 4. Develop marketing plan – Team of 3 to 5 people come up with idea – Teams not penalized for failure of idea – Goal: Build Confidence

Trilogy University/3
• Third month of the program
– Move on to Graduation projects – ‘Trilogy Business Unit’ Assignments – Discussion between graduate, section leader and project manager: 1. Agreement on assignments 2. Objective settings 3. Career Planning Thoughts 4. Manager sets a) b) c) Long term goals(three to five years) Creating job assignment Coaching opportunity

Differentiating Factors
• Project Manager help employee to be a star
– What factors...
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