No Mans Land by Kevin Major

Topics: Trench warfare, No man's land, World War I Pages: 4 (1289 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Independent Novel Study Assignment:
No Mans Land
By Kevin Major

Kelvin Jiang
December 13,2012
No Man's land Paragraph

The last line of the story is “He did not want to leave the spot, but after a time he got to his feet and found the way to the aid post off St.johns road”(251 Major)

(1)No Man’s Land by Kevin Major takes place during the Battle of Somme and is about a a few soldiers that were sent overseas and were in the Canadian regiment that participated in the “great push” during the battle of the somme in World War one: the last sentence represents the connection between Martin and his chaps that came with him.

(2) Throughout the book, there are 2 main conflicts or more like challenges, they are the enemy machineguns and the artillery; although the men never see them in person it is takes a great toll to the ending of the story. (3)When the boys are given orders to move to the front lines all the boys are excited and looking forward to the “great adventure” but instead , when they arrive , they hear the sound of artillery and they all regret coming “ ‘By god!’ blared Clarke.they landed a distance away but caused a hellish commotion across the line”(165 Major).(4) That line just showed how terrifying the experience of artillery were to the soldiers,even when it was far away from them, not even close enough to harm anyone; at the end of the book, machineguns were the ones that killed all the introduced characters except for Martin who survived but was badly wounded and he is the one that said the the last quote.

(5)Near the end of the story, the theme becomes apparent, that is because even with the losses and Martin, (one of the only few that made it back from no mans land who managed to crawl back into the trenches)the regiment did not reach their objective but instead just got mowed down.(6) As wounded Martin attempted to get back inside his trench, he describes that he sees on the way back “Again and again he...
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