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Topics: Solar energy, Hydropower, Hydroelectricity Pages: 3 (463 words) Published: August 25, 2013
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Topic: Hydroelectricity and Solar Thermal Electricity



Type of your compare and contrast paragraph Block by block

Controlling idea

Hydroelectricity and solar thermal electricity are quite different in terms of limitation of production, environmental impacts and operation. On the other hand, they are similar to cost and maintenance.

A: First difference is: limitation of production


Hydropower is reliable source of energy

- There is always water, so hydropower can be produced every time.


Solar energy is unreliable source of energy

- Solar energy is an intermittent energy source with periods of time such as at night.

B: Second difference is: environmental impacts


The effect is from producing hydro energy.

- The fishes and plants can get the water to be alive.


The effect is from producing solar energy.

- There aren’t any effects.

C: Third difference is: operation


Producing hydro energy is more difficult than producing solar energy.

- Hydro energy must use the electricity in order to motivate the operation.


Producing solar energy is easier than producing hydro energy.

- When the sun arises and the sky doesn’t have any clouds, solar energy can be produced at that time.

E: First similarities is: cost


Hydropower and solar energy is similar to high initial cost.

F: Second similarities is: maintenance


Both hydropower and solar energy have low maintenance.

Topic sentence

Even though both hydroelectricity and solar thermal electricity are “Power”, there are many similarities and differences.


In the final analysis, Both Hydroelectricity and Solar Thermal Electricity still use at this point in time, we should know similarities and differences of them.

Compare and contrast paragraph (120 words)

Title Hydroelectricity and...
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