Topics: Marriage, Kinship, Same-sex marriage Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Trevor Klosowski
Anthropology 101
Professor- Claude Jacobs
Kinship Paper
In society today, families have shrank and child birth is becoming less common for couples. Families all across America have been slowly decreasing in the number of generations it has. One reason this has taken place is because the economy now a days is too difficult to raise a child, this in the end leads to a break in the generation gap of their family. My family however believes that child birth should happen if there is a couple in our family. The reason our family thinks this is because we feel it's necessary to keep the family name going and it's always better to have more family members than less. This is not always the case in today's society which it's more common to have abortions and not even get married.

One main reason the population of families is so low in today's world is because of divorces. More than ever, divorces are becoming more common which in the end ruins a relationship between a male and female making it difficult to have children with a true blood relationship. Another big factor in population decrease is because of same sex marriage. While I support same sex marriage it does play a role in decreasing population because it's not possible to have a naturally born child with that scenario. My family supports all types of marriages but we love the fact that our family has many different generations and types or marriages; All between a male and female but we support others. My family for being as small as it is, we communicate all the time and see each other many times at events such as family parties, Christmas, Easter, etc. In the end, families have decreased in size since the 70's because factors such as same sex marriage, abortion, divorces and many others. Although these factors play a big part in a population, my family is close when it comes to communicating and we support all different types or relationships.
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