Night Take Home Exam

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Waffen-SS, Adolf Eichmann Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: March 31, 2015
Night Take Home Exam
The one most significant theme in Night is inhumanity. This is displayed continuously throughout the book. When Elie first arrived at the camp the SS soldiers separated him from his mother and his sister. Later on he learned that his mother and his sister were sent to the gas chambers. The SS soldiers have no humanity indeed to have no emotion to be able to separate families and to know that they will most likely never see each other again. Another example is when the power goes out and there are cauldrons of soup outside the compound. A man sneaks out to eat indulge in some soup, though he stands in front of the cauldrons, lets out a horrendous sound and dive his head in the soup. Later his face is “stained” with soup and just dies. These people have been starved to the point to where they will risk their own live to survive in any way possible. The leaders of the concentration camp don’t care whatsoever about the health of the prisoners, while they are feeding them rations of stale bread and soup, would rather kill them off as they do to the physically weak. This starvation has lead to many disputes between prisoners and even family. A stood out fight for food was on a train cart when a father stored food inside his shirt. When his son found out he went wild and beat his own father for the bread, several men had to forcefully stop this brutal attack. Later on, on that same train ride people from outside threw bread to watch the prisoners fight. These spectators just watched with enjoyment and not a single trace of sorrow. One SS soldier stopped this by announcing that there were enough problems, because one woman was throwing pennies at the cart. Symbolism in this book is night even though it’s set mainly in the day, the night is surely to come. Night in this book represents death, darkness of the soul, and loss of faith. If you remember all the happenings during the night there was, Mrs. Schächter’s visions of fire, hell, and death,...
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