Topics: Elie Wiesel, World War II, The Holocaust Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Tina Melton
Mrs. Risher
History II

The book Night is a horrifying flashback of Elie’s life during a terrible event, the Holocaust. Eli was a young Jew during World War Two. Reading the book about Elie’s survival of the Holocaust can educate individuals about the terrible things that happened, and how they survived. Eli lived off of nothing but the hope that him and his father would make it out alive. He had no food, no water, and barely any shelter. The Holocaust was a heart-breaking, gut wrenching event. There was an enormous amount of victims that were being tortured. One scene from the book shows one spec of torture individuals went through: “The snow began to form a thick layer over our blankets. They brought us bread – the usual ration. We threw ourselves upon it. Someone had the idea of appeasing his thirst by eating the snow. Soon the others were imitating him. As we were not allowed to bend down, everyone took out his spoon and ate the accumulated snow off his neighbor's back. A mouthful of bread and a spoonful of snow. The SS who were watching laughed at this spectacle.” There are a few individuals who survived, such as Viktor Frankl and Elie Wiesel, who both wrote about the Holocaust. Because there were survivors, it is easier for individuals to become more educated from the experiences of the ancestors.

The story begins with Elie, thirteen, living with his family in Sighet, Transylvania, right before the German Army arrived. While reading Elie Wiesel’s autobiography, you feel as you are actually living through the Holocaust. The excruciating details and emotions make you feel as if you can actually see a man “crawling snakelike in the direction of the cauldrons.” It all seems so real. You can visualize and hear the things being done and said in the writing. The quote “I wanted to see myself in the mirror hanging on the opposite wall. I had not seen myself since the ghetto. From the depths of the mirror, a corpse gazed back...
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