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Newtown Shooting

By duongj1 Feb 27, 2013 590 Words
Tribute to Newtown
When I heard about the Newtown incident, I felt really bad for all those innocent children and teachers. Since Newtown is pretty close to Shelton, everyone was scared and talking about it. A lot of people stopped feeling safe after this. Our school reacted to this incident by locking all of the entrances to the school. I was very confused on why that man would do such a thing and I couldn’t stop thinking about it because it was all over the news. It’s a scary thing to think that something like this could happen so close to where you live. I was so scared for all of their friends and families because they will have to go through this for their whole lives. This happened right before Christmas too, so their families won’t be able to experience Christmas with them either. Also, they had their entire lives ahead of them when it comes to birthdays, graduations, and weddings, having kids of their own, and following their dreams. I also feel bad for the teachers because they are men and women who devote their lives to educate those children. I also was confused because I heard that he had killed his mother just before and everyone was thinking, what was wrong with this man?

Now, no one probably will go to that school again. Also, a lot of people moved because of this incident and I don’t blame them. I would not feel safe in that town either. Even some people in Connecticut do not feel safe. I’m really glad that people are making donations to Newtown and having fund raisers for them. I am proud to say that I also donated in one of those fund raisers. I just can’t picture the children’s confused faces as they hear gun shots and they’re teaching escorting them out of the school. This incident should motivate everyone to always love your life and live it while you can because you never know what could happen.

As I went on through the day, a friend of mine told me his cousin lives in Newtown and he was scared for them. I tried to make him relax and make him feel better and I walked on through the halls even more and I saw many kids crying because of the incident. Finally, I got home and looked up on the internet about Newtown and there were many stories about what happened and different views and opinions. I am hoping that this influences all schools to strengthen their security and maybe even have drills on where to go.

I’m not sure on my opinion of guns. I think they should be removed from the country but I think they shouldn’t be removed. I think they should be removed because of incidents like these and much more violence but I think they shouldn’t be removed because some Americans won’t feel safe if they don’t have anything for self-defense. On the other hand, my parents and friends think different. Most people think they should take guns away but others think it would be dangerous to not have one if you’re that type of person. I am more on the side of banning guns because a lot of incidents have happened with guns and people could misuse them like the guy that killed all of those innocent young children. I’m really confused on why he did it because I don’t think he had anything against those children or teachers or even his mother.

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