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Topics: United States, Battle of Khe Sanh, Tet Offensive Pages: 3 (618 words) Published: October 14, 2013

The Vietnam Times

Letter Home
Dear, MomOctober 2nd 1967

It has been a drag the last couple of weeks. All we have been doing is sitting around waiting for something to happen. This place is about as far from having a vacation as you could get. It is hot and humid all the time here. Mosquitos and other insects try to eat you alive everyday. We are all living in fear here. Everyday you can tell that the Vietnamese are spying on us here at Khe Sanh. I heard that on December 15th the number of troops here will start to decrease to go back home and I hope that I am one of them. They were supposed to make a truce when Tet New Year came but that did not happen. Only more killing and fighting occurred from that. The VC hide so well in the jungle. You have to watch out for them or else they will sneak up on you and take you out.

Sincerely, Jonathon

Is this tomorrow?

America under Communism

Lieutenant Carroll was serving in Vietnam when he was unexpectedly killed by a Vietnamese soldier on October 29th. He is being flown back and the funeral service is being conducted on November 5th at 10:00 AM at Riverside Funerals and will end at 1:30 PM. His parents Jim and Margaret Carroll along with much of his family and close friends are invited to attend the funeral.

Vietnam War Veteran Interview

-How old were you during the war?
I can range my age during the war between 20 and 34 depending when I started and ended. -How did you follow the the progress of the war?
We got most of the news about the war by newspaper and radio and when I was back in the states I followed it on TV like most other people. -What is your most vivid memory of the war?
One time we had to land in and pick up our guys after they had been discovered by the enemy. I was terrified when I was on the ground being shot at by the Vietnamese. -How did you get into Vietnam?

I had served in the army for four years and was...
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