New Retail Shop in Plovdiv- Zara

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Project Executive Summary

In recent months, Zara has observed the demand for a second retail shop in Bulgaria, located in Plovdiv. Therefore, the business aspect for this project is the growing and developing of the trademark Zara. The fact that Zara already has its first shop in Bulgaria (Sofia) and the profits are really higher, leads to the assumption that the project for opening a second shop will gain even higher results in the future. What is more, there is an analysis that shows the more and more increasing demand for Zara’s products. Thus, the project for a new shop in Plovdiv will assure people’s needs and wants.

Project Overview

Due to the increasing demand of Zara’s fashion clothes worldwide and in Bulgaria as well, the company has decided to open one more store in Bulgaria as the companies politic is to gain market share not only in one specific town from a country but also regionally. As the profits are really higher from the store in Sofia, the management of Zara has decided to open a second store in Bulgaria and therefore, the best place would be the town of Plovdiv. The town is famous with the good looking girls and women who like buying new and fashion clothes. Of course, Zara is well-known trade mark with a high quality clothes, on normal prices, and clothes for all aged women and men. This is the reason why the project seems to meet the main audience and its target market. The store will be situated in the shopping are of the center in Plovdiv. As most of Zara’s stores this one will strike with its fashion design. The store will be on two floors as the first one is for the woman and the second one for men. The project must be finished in September as this is the period when the two seasons changes and the average buyer changes his/her cloth style. What is more in September Plovdiv is well-known town for its international fair on which customers all over Bulgaria are visiting and actually visitors from other countries are also coming. There are made researches which show that during the fair sales really increase. This means that the project must be ready in a period of approximately three months. The project sponsor is the representative for Zara in Bulagria- Mr. George Andonov. The other stakeholders are Ivan Iordanov (responsible for the deadlines and for the workers on the project), Slavena Vassileva (Marketing Manager), Milena Kikyova (Director in charge of Retail Products), Dessi Dobcheva(Executive Architecture).

Project Objectives
The store has to be completed within three months. It has to be paced in the shopping area in the center of Plovdiv in order to have strategic placement and of course to be easily seen by the customers. The store has to be built up to 300 000 euro.

The Zara Project will meet the following objectives:
It has to be located in the shopping area in the center of Plovdiv in order to have strategic placement •It has to be finished within the prior of three months •The project should the exceed the sum of 300 000 euro for its realization

Project Scope
The scope of this project includes and excludes the following items. In Scope:
*Architecture- Dessi Dobcheva is responsible for the creation and the completion of the design of the new store
*The building process- Ivan Iordanov should observe the working process constantly and give instructions to the working groups in order the project to be completed effectively.
* Deadlines- Ivan Iordanov should also distribute the needed materials for the construction and follows the dates of deadlines during the project.
*Marketing – Slavena Vassileva takes care for effective promotions during the project. •Sub- accounts: development and analyzing of the working process; keeping track on the finance and not allowing of exceed of the determined budget; constant report for the things done

Out of Scope:
*Human recourses department
* Employee’s details
Types of data –...
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