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Topics: Death Penalty, Barack Obama, United States Senate election in Illinois, 2004 Pages: 3 (476 words) Published: May 19, 2014

PHIL 103
MARCH 24, 2014

When it comes to capital punishment, I believe that many individuals have different outlooks on it than others. I think that Barack Obama and Alan Keyes both believes that punishment such as the death penalty is in fact necessary and appropriate when dealing with certain circumstances such as something so large such as terrorism, or anything that may be harmful toward a small child in a manner that is very in appropriate. When we look at something such as the death penalty when it comes to terrorism we have to stop and ask ourselves one simple question, and that question is would we really want this person to continue to be alive after such crime has been committed. Most of us would say no, but then there are others that would disagree. I think what Barack Obama was saying is that our nation never deserves to be faced with something so distracting such as terrorism because there may be some really sick and twisted people in our world today. I would have to agree with Barack Obama when he stated that capital punishment is in fact necessary and appropriate under certain conditions. When we think about something such as harm toward a helpless small child I think that you need to ask yourself the question, What if this was your child. When it comes to small helpless children, I feel that anyone who is in their right mind should never attempt to take a persons life. By doing something inappropriate, or even causing any type of harm to them. Is the death penalty appropriate in this manner, I would have to say yes because allowing someone to just sit behind bars and have their freedom shouldn’t be able to walk this fine earth nor should they be able to breathe the air that many of us breathe day in and day out. After hearing Alan Keyes speak about the death penalty I can relate to his speech to a certain...
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