New Business Development Exam

Topics: Small business, Business, Management Pages: 2 (308 words) Published: February 14, 2012
Small Business Development 2011

Examples of Written Exam Questions

Small Business Position a. Explain the difference between “the refugee effect” and “the entrepreneurial effect”. (article Thurik, Carree, van Stel and Audretsch: Does Self-Employment Reduce Unemployment?) b. What is the main link between the article of Nooteboom (1994) and the article of Cohen and Klepper (1992)? Ground your opinion. c. Brock and Evans (1989) report that Economists have told several stories about why small businesses coexist with large ones. Mention three of these stories. (article Brock and Evans: Small Business Economics)

Small Business Owner a. Do novice, portfolio, and serial founders differ? Ground your opinion with an example. (article Westhead and Wright: Novice, Portfolio, and Serial Founders). b. What is the difference in organizational culture between family and non-family firms? Mention three differences and ground your opinion (article Zahra, Hayton and Salvato: Entrepreneurship in Family vs. Non-Family Firms). Small Business Life Cycle a. Explain what is meant by the proposition “if a firm grows, the entrepreneur also has to grow”? b. Explain in what way the sector of a firm can have an impact on the location preferences of the entrepreneur. Give two examples. c. What is difference between systematic and unsystematic risk? And how can small business owners limit the effect of unsystematic risk? (article Everett and Watson: ‘Small Business Failure and External Risk Factors’)

Small Business Management a. When new businesses are pursued, risk is an inescapable reality. Mention four different kinds of risk that an entrepreneur has to deal with. Ground your opinion. (article Busenitz: Entrepreneurial Risk and Strategic Decision Making). b. Mention the two key ‘succession’-steps that need attention when small businesses grow. (article Sambrook: Exploring succession planning in small, growing firms)

Small Business Cooperation See the example that dhr. P. Tack...
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