Never Cry Wolf Essay

Topics: Farley Mowat, Never Cry Wolf, Mind Pages: 3 (1105 words) Published: November 20, 2013
                                                             Never Cry Wolf             For years, wolves have been falsely accused for crimes in stories, myths, and life. In Never Cry Wolf, author Farley Mowat demonstrates how even though wolves are mistakenly stereotyped as evil; people don’t know anything without evidence. Farley Mowat takes a trip to Churchill, Canada, to study Arctic wolves for the Canadian Wildlife Service. He is studying the Arctic wolves because he needs to prove that the wolves are killing all the migrating caribou. During the entire book, he witnesses and experiences, new journeys about wolves and Eskimos, throughout his time in the tundra. Mowat learns over time, how wolves are mischaracterized from who they really are and act.  He then proves that wolves are actually sincere animals and should be respected. Throughout Never Cry Wolf, Farley Mowat concludes that wolves are stereotyped into a specific group that is recognized as dangerous, and has to prove that they are non-hostile and refine animals.             People and animals are often judged for how they look without knowing whom they truly are. In the beginning of the book, Mowat believed what everyone else did, that wolves were scary, dangerous animals. Over time, while learning about the wolves, he comes to conclusion that they aren’t what they seem. The night Mike, an Eskimo, leaves Mowat to find the equipment; Mowat has encountered his first wolf on the trip. “I do no know what went on in his massive skull, but my head was full of the most disturbing

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thoughts” (Mowat 54). Since it was his first confrontation with an alpha wolf, Mowat is then frightened by the thought of being face-to-face to a wolf and being mauled. After the encounter with the frightening wolf, he wonders why the wolf didn’t attack him. The wolves are proving that they are protective over the pack, but not harmful to attack an innocent person. They also demonstrate that they...

Cited: Mowat, Farley. Never Cry Wolf. Boston: Little, Brown, 1963. Print.
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