Network Infrastructure

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Executive Summary
The Athletes Shack (TAS) is a chain of sporting goods stores that is looking into adding a wireless network (WLAN) to their current network. TAS has 10 retail distribution stores in the area and would like all the stores to be able to see live inventory suing mobile devices. The management team at Athletes Shack has realized that their success depends on exceptional customer service and efficiency on the floors of the store. To take the next step the company is looking to go wireless and use that technology to separate themselves from other sporting good chains. To continue to have an edge over Foot Locker, Champs Sports and other Athletes Shack feel this is a necessary step. Once the WLAN is installed in each of the 10 locations this will allow remote log in via the internet and VPN connection. The expectation is to have a major improvement on customer service. Added technological benefits to sales associates while on the floor will include real time sales pricing quotes, inventory product availability and to check the company website. In store operations will see additional business value through addition of wireless tracking for inventory, merchandise receiving, item ordering and price checking. A solid WLAN solution will interconnect all 10 stores, providing an in store communication that will allow cross checking of inventory between various locations. With the wireless devices in hand associates will be able to send instant messages (IM) to other associates at other locations to inquire about a certain piece of inventory and quantities. This added retail tracking will allow stores to leverage supply chain capabilities by providing merchandise to other regions where inventory is needed to meet a specific request that the local store might not otherwise be able to provide. The Investment in wireless technology will not only enable Athletes Shack to experience the greater benefits today, but can also benefit from a flexible, scalable design to move into the future. Site Survey

A radio frequency (RF) site survey is the first step in the deployment of a Wireless network and the most important step to ensure desired operation. A site survey is a task-by-task process by which the surveyor studies the facility to understand the RF behavior, discovers RF coverage areas, checks for RF interference and determines the appropriate placement of Wireless devices. (Geier, 2008) One of the issues that will be a point of interest will be WIFI coverage for all 10 stores. We are under the assumption that all 10 WLAN will be different design because all 10 stores have different layout designs. One of the keys to the site survey is making an assessment of outside interference that may at some point calls problems for the WLAN. As well there are some structures within each location that we must be able to maneuver around to install the desired equipment for the WLAN. Another step in the process for the Athletes Shack chain of stores is to analyze and understand the environment of each individual store to see how the current network is designed. The assessment will be to take a look at the design and determine if we will stick with what the current layout or what changes will be made if any. If the networks from any of the stores are to be taken down it will be done after hours to prevent minimal downtown for the network. (Geier, 2008) WLAN Security

Before we even start the design of the WLAN there must be a blueprint to how we are going to protect the company’s data and internal information. There are multiple WLAN implementations and all the designs are varied depending on the client and depending on the network functionality required. Still certain areas in the process should never be over looked or taking lightly. Listed below are some security concerns that must...

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