Nebosh Fire & Risk Management Fc2 Form 3 Summary

Topics: Fire protection, Evaluation, Assessment Pages: 3 (699 words) Published: June 30, 2013

Summary fire risk assessment sheet FORM 3

Student name Location


Student number ********* Date undertaken 22 / 6 / 13


Assessment of risk of fire occurring – H/M/L with justification (this may be either by accident, by a possible act or omission or by an intentional act)

There are a number of standard combustibles around the site all of which are not accessible to the public. There is an ongoing history of vandalism and arson attack on this particular site along with an ongoing major reconstruction and refurbishment of the building and site. However, in areas under NTR management there are good controls and housekeeping practices in place with the majority of fuels being routinely cleared and stored in the correct manner, ignition sources are generally few though some attention is necessary for the venue electrical infrastructure. Therefore an overall risk rating of medium to high is allocated dependant on the intensity of the ongoing capital project works. If the suggested electrical maintenance and upgrade measures are undertaken then this will be reduced to a low/medium risk.

Assessment of risk of fire spread – H/M/L with justification In general there is a good level of compartmentation within the front of house areas of the building over the first two floors (public areas), currently due to breaches in external walls to the auditorium there is now a risk to the internal staff working within the two main office spaces over the upper two floors, this new risk requires the installation of two new temporary walls. The high degree of separation in FOH areas balanced by the very large open auditorium space and roof void create a risk rating of medium/high due to the ever changing risk from site works. Upon completion of the recommendation of compartmentalisation of the roof void and along with making good all minor/medium breaches in fire doors and...
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